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What is FlipTheCoin?

FlipTheCoin.net is the powerful and fastest way to get heads or tails online. We use a random 50/50 method to get a perfect coin toss probability. With our web app, you can flip a virtual coin which is more efficient than a real coin. Sometimes takes time by following the old method of flipping coins before making any decision. We have developed one of the most accurate ways to help you in making your decisions.

Uses of FlipTheCoin

History of Coin Flipping

Before money, people used the barter system for acquiring and exchanging goods. The coins were first introduced in Guanzhuang in Henan Province, China sometime around 640 BCE. Although the invention of coins is still a mystery according to Herdotous, they were introduced around the 6th or 5th century BCE.

So coin is generally made of metal and is used as a form of money for performing transactions. Now let's come to coin flipping, coin tossing is generally used to choose between two alternatives and solve disputes. In situations where you are not able to decide between two options after coin-tossing, you may go with the choice the coin showed to you.

The practice of coin-flipping can be found as early as the 7th century BC in ancient Rome. People at that time called that game “navia aut caput" or “ship or head" in English. With this, we came to a fact that ancient coins were minted with a ship and head. In 49 BC, Julius Caesar utilized coin flipping to make some important decisions including crime, marriage, and property.

Today coin tossing can be found all over the world. Sports such as football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, and some other sports. In sports, whoever wins the toss gets the advantage of playing bat first, using the ball first, and many other decisions. Even in politics, when two candidates get the same number of votes, the coin flip determines the winning party.

How To Use The Coin Flipper?

Coin Toss or Coin Flip is very easy on our virtual coin flipping site, we have provided two ways to flip it

Step 1: Click on The Circle

Just click on the Coin, the coin will then rotate and the results will be shown on the screen.

Step 2: Click on Flip Again Button

If you are not able to click on the coin then simply click the Flip Again Button, and the results will be contributed to our world records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some frequently asked questions on flipthecoin.net:

What is Coin Flipping or Coin Toss?

Coin Toss is a game which is also known as Heads or Tails in which a coin is tossed in the air by using a flick of your thumb. It causes a rotation in the air, the players have to choose heads or tails before it lands. Ultimately, the coin lands with Heads or Tails, and whoever guesses correct wins the toss.

Is your Coin Flipping Site accurate?

We use random 50/50 javascript code where there is an equal probability of getting heads or tails.

How To Test your luck in this game?

Create a table of your score, flip your coin and note down the flip you got like, heads or tails. The more you got the same flip the luckier you are.

Can I use this site on my Android and iOS device?

Flipthecoin.net is a web application that can be run on any device by using your phone's browser. Bookmark our site so that you don't have to type the site address again.

Why was Flipthecoin.net created?

Coin Flipping has been used since ancient times because people often faced difficulties while making any decision. If you are influenced by both the choices you become very confused with your decision, here coin toss comes into play and makes the process faster. You can flip a coin virtually as same as flipping a real coin. Sometimes it is hard to flip a real coin so we developed this online coin flipper to make our life easier which was then converted into public demand.